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I Went Postal

2009-01-25 23:27:45 by lilacsanity

I too have the symptoms said to be caused by the chemtrails. Sexual orientation is not an issue with me because I can't even get an erection, but to set the record straight, I don't wish to be one of the "useless eaters" as described by proponents of the New World Order, but I really see no value in being human, especially since finding out that Jesus may not have been raised from the dead. I doubt if I was ever saved anyway, although I thought I was for a while. If ever I WAS a Christian, I am now an ex-Christian, especially now that they're developing a reputation for their bigotry against Muslims, Native Americans, Women, Gays, Transgenders, etc. -- a point to remember if you find Christian literature on my cache. Also, something has been banging my knuckles, elbows, knees, shins, and ankles against solid objects, trying to break my bones; this has been fucking me up now for seventeen goddamn years!! Once I signed my fate in blood over to the Tabular Turtle, a turtle with a tail at both ends and no head, I knew I was not a Christian. I've pleaded with him to preserve me at least until I have the chance to go to where I first saw him and confirm that I've signed my fate over to him.

My father told me I was born with autism, a disease for which the prognosis is never very good, but my mother told me that when I was a few months old, my father flung me across the room like a rag doll and I landed on my head and that she had to cover for him for fear he'd lose his job. I've also read that trauma like that in the first year of life usually screws a person up for life.

I have always been one to lose it easily, and I was on the psychiatrist's couch from age 5 to 12 for this. My mother told me time after time "get well" get well" "stop thinking sick thoughts." Later, I grew to hate all women and became highly neurotic over that. I was soon in the state hospital where I got my shocks and was told by one doctor "Look, little boy, hating all women because just because of one that's not perfect makes no more sense than not sitting in red chairs just because of one that can't hold up."

I couldn't grow as tall as my younger brother because of all this -- sound familiar? I think Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber, said something like that, though I don't know what his disease is. But knowing now how autistics or those with brain damage can turn out in the end, maybe they should be rounded up and recycled by being fed to pigs, unless they can be found useful in scientific experiments -- something that I'm sure would be pleasing to advocates of the New World Order -- of course I shouldn't be saying that either, that might get them all very uptight.

I have a cousin in a mental health facility in Elgin, Il, after she murdered her mother. She was hauled away by soldiers. She complained of the military activity where she was. She was diagnosed as psychotic. Her name is Alice. She plans to move in with me when she gets out (I have no idea how soon). But if she's coming, I'm going. She'll have the house to herself and she'll have dogs here which will desanitize my house just like they desanitized hers. Also, one of her dogs bit me when I was a kid, I've since been terrified of dogs. I'd definitely rather be homeless than live with a house full of dogs that bite. Of course I may not be there much longer anyway if they come for me.

I am now willing to be a human "guinea pig" in an experiment to see if humans can be transmuted into animals. I would like to maybe be a dog, that was one of Adolf Hitler's favorite animals. I would not be much use for work in a concentration camp; I'm not able to do a man's work.

I may have actually been a dog between my present human life and the one that began in Dorset, England and from which I perished at Buchenwald. I know this because the clock started going backwards for me at an early age. I have already gone back before the day I was born, and now I'm fast approaching the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, where I perished from my previous human incarnation. The Nazis (maybe New World Order Agents) are now looking for me.

I now fail to see the value of being human. I always got told the same things time after time and I just can't see any meaning to it. Some have told me I would never become a man. I always looked for others to feel superior to and really thought I could build myself up by putting others down, but it just doesn't work that way over the long haul, and I'm sorry for the pain I caused to others including Sarah Aswell (not sure I spelled it right) by going postal the way I did. Very remorseful. I was hurting people more than I realized. Don't blame my parents for all of this because I don't.

My health is now failing and I don't have much longer to live anyway. I just don't get over things. But I am hoping to live long enough to be useful in the abovementioned experiment. In case anybody is thinking of doing me in, if we meet, I want to save him the trouble by doing it myself. I could easily do it with all the pills I have. I would also rather be dead than to go to any kind of prison. I may have Hell to pay, but even in the Lake of fire (the 2nd -- or maybe 3rd, but supposedly last and final death), I don't think anything burns away to nothing. What's left might well start over as the lowest form of life, probably a tubeworm.

I Went Postal

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